Play Boom Beach The Way It Was Intended


It is important to have an idea about the mindset that it required to play the Boom Beach game as it is intended by the developers of the game. I found it to be extremely entertaining and addictive and never reached a point of frustration while using the useful features of the game and its mechanics involved. I was never attacked too much and always had players who were at same level as mine. It was even easy for me to hold on to the resources and manage it well during upgrading my buildings or mounting on my new defense mechanisms.

All this was possible for me because I played the game as it is supposed to be played using all the features wisely. I have experienced the strategies to be implemented and also have come to know the intent of the developers of the game, Supercell. Having said it all, I have enjoyed and had fun when I played Boom Beach game. Previously, when I was a beginner, I was leveled low and was headstrong even at HQ 10 and wanted to wipe out each and every base that came popping out of the map anytime. This attitude left me struggling in most of the cases with high level players walking all over the base with high leveled troops.

I then took up to the matchmaking system, read it carefully and gathered relevant information to know that Boom Beach game is not meant for playing all the time, which I did and found that to be absolutely the wrong approach to the game and certainly not what is intended by the developers. I now started to take my time on the beach and planned my move well. It helped me in enjoying the game even more and now I am confidently placed at level 38 and HQ 16. I also did not have in management of my resources and had a map full of people who are at least 8 to 10 levels lower than me.

This strategy helped me to avoid and minimize the number of attacks and even if I was it barely mattered even if I lost. Now, here are some ways in which I enjoyed and had a wonderful time on the beach while playing the game successfully. First and foremost I made it a point not to play the game all the time. I used the available resources well to upgrade my buildings, left those on the boats as my deposits as those are not attacked by the enemy and much more.

I also used the useful boom beach hack to generate my required resources and useful tips from time to time. I understood the nature of the game and found that no matter whatever I did there is always a bigger fish to catch. Things were out of my control several times and got attacked when I concentrated on things which I could not control. Last but most important, I did not focus on the medals as I knew that unless spend some money it would not be easy for me to reach somewhere at the top of the list.

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